Scoring System

Think you know Fantasy Football? Think again, our extensive points scoring means success can finally be had with those hardworking holding midfielders.

Points Allocation

  • During the season, your team of players will be allocated 'game-points' based on their performance in Premier League matches.
  • Once the points have been locked down, they will not be changed. We will not enter into a discussion around any of the point scoring for any individual match.
  • A captain's game-points will be doubled but if the captain plays 0 minutes in a gameweek, the vice-captain will replace the captain.
  • If both the captain and vice-captain play 0 minutes in a gameweek, then no players' game-points will be doubled.
  • Goal Assists are defined as the final, unimpeded touch before the goalscorer receives the ball. Only one can be awarded per goal. Assists are NOT awarded to own goals.
  • Key Contributions are defined as the act of winning a penalty or free-kick from which a goal is scored. They are only awarded to players winning a penalty or free-kick as the direct result of being fouled. A foul in this context does not include handballs.
  • In the event of a penalty or free-kick, the player earning the penalty or free-kick is awarded a Key Contribution if a goal is directly scored, but not if he takes it himself, in which case no Key Contribution is given.
  • A Clean Sheet is awarded for not conceding a goal whilst on the pitch and playing at least 60 minutes. If a player has been substituted when a goal is conceded this will not affect any clean sheet bonus.
  • If a player receives a Red Card, they will continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team. Red card deductions include any points deducted for Yellow Cards.
  • The allocation of game-points is summarised below:
Action Occurrence Game-points
Starting Match 1 1
Playing up to 60 minutes 1 1
Playing 60 minutes or more 1 2
Goal Scored (Goalkeeper) 1 7
Goal Scored (Defender) 1 6
Goal Scored (Midfielder) 1 5
Goal Scored (Striker) 1 4
Goal Assist 1 3
Key Contribution 1 2
Chances Created 3 1
Shots on Target 3 1
Interceptions 3 1
Tackles Won 3 1
Pass Accuracy 95% (Defender) 20 passes 1
Pass Accuracy 90% (Midfielder) 20 passes 1
Pass Accuracy 85% (Striker) 20 passes 1
Man of the Match 1 2
Clean Sheet (GK or DEF) 1 4
Shots Saved 3 1
Goalkeeper Claims 3 1
Penalty Save 1 5
Penalty Miss 1 -2
Goals Conceded (GK or DEF) 2 -1
Yellow Card 1 -1
Red Card 1 -3
Own Goal 1 -2
Offsides 3 -1
Fouls committed 3 -1
Errors leading to Goal 1 -1

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