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So what is Draft Fantasy?

Unique Teams

Sick of template teams ruining fantasy football? So are we and that's why no two teams in your league can own the same player. This means you can trade with your fellow managers or dip into the free agent pool to grab a bargain.

Draft Day

It all starts here. Arguably the best day of the year and perhaps the most important aspect as this is where you'll select your totally unique team. This is where tactics, planning and a bit of luck will come into play.

Enhanced Stats

Drafting unique teams means you quickly run out of star strikers. Thankfully our scoring system rewards every player on the pitch. We go far beyond goals and assists so feel free to draft that CDM you always wanted.

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Free to Play

Play the draft fantasy football and we promise it will ALWAYS be free.

Cup Competitions

Team struggling at the bottom of the table? Save your season with a trophy... or do the double with the Cup.

Promotion & Relegation

Link two or more leagues together. Keep managers interested all season as they battle to avoid the drop.

Mobile View of Draft Fantasy Football Game

Live Scores & Updates

Struggling to follow your favourite team and play fantasy football on match day? Don't worry, we'll keep you updated.

Play with Friends

Perfect way to keep in touch with friends or make new ones who love fantasy football just as much as you do.

Head-to-head Fixtures

Each week you will be pitted against a different team to battle it out to see who comes away with the full 3 points.

How to Play

1. Pick
Take turns to draft a unique squad of 15 players, without club restrictions or a salary cap. But hurry - you're on the clock.

2. Play
Manage your starting lineup and tweak your team with daily transfer windows and trade negotiations.

3. Win
Follow along with live scoring to see if you've won your head-to-head match up each gameweek.

No More Template Teams

  • Long gone are the days where everyone owns the same players.
  • That's right, no more sharing your star player with copycat rivals.
  • Enjoy the full bragging rights if you snap up Aguero in the first round.

No Salary Cap or Club Limits

  • Unique 11 players have no monetary value, which means you're free to assemble your very own team of Galacticos.
  • No budget means you can select the best possible players for every position.
  • What's more, you don't have to worry about the silly 3 players per club rule. Want to draft the entire Man City team, go ahead... but who would?

Real Management Experience

  • Draft Fantasy Football never gets boring. Tweak your team as often as you like & try new formations to beat your opponent or deal with an injury crisis.
  • Not happy with your team? Use daily transfer windows with waiver wires that gives everyone a fair chance of picking up players.
  • Alternatively, turn on your 'Arry Redknapp charm and negotiate with other managers for a player trade.
  • A chance to be creative, imaginative and down right sneaky. Just make sure its legit - the Commissioner will be keeping an eye on you!

In-depth Scoring

  • With over 20 events scored for each player. We go beyond goals and assists... tackles, interceptions and passing are all scored.
  • Our scoring system rewards every player on the pitch. So go ahead and draft that CDM you always thought was underrated.
  • Watch your players' scores update in real time as the action unfolds on the pitch by following on our Matchday Centre.

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Imagine the perfect mix of Fantasy Football and Football Manager and you've got Unique 11. The newest and most addictive way to follow the new Premier League season.

If you're bored of the same old Fantasy League format and fancy a new challenge then Unique 11 is for you! But be warned, it is not easy. It requires good strategic thinking, an eye for spotting unknown talent and a bit of luck.

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