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 Unique Teams

  • Are you bored of the same old Fantasy football format? Or are you just tired of other teams copying your winning formula?
  • We've got good news - long gone are the days where everyone owns the same players.
  • Thanks to our draft system no two teams in any league will have the same player. That's right, no more sharing your star player with copycat rivals.
  • This allows you to enjoy full bragging rights if you manage to snap up the likes of Aguero in the first round.
Unique Teams
No Budget or Squad Restrictions

 No Budget or Club Restrictions

  • Players in TheDraft have no monetary value, which means you are free to assemble your very own team of Galacticos.
  • Because you don't have to worry about a budget you can select the best possible players for every position.
  • What's more you don't even have to worry about the silly 3 players per club rule. In theory you could field the entire Man City team... but who would?
  • The only restriction you will come across is your friends snapping up players before you on Draft Day.

 Detailed Stats

  • Not impressed by fancy graphics but just want hard stats? Not a problem. We record a range of data on each player and make it availble to all our users.
  • We provide a week-by-week breakdown of each player's points scoring as well club fixtures and kick off times.
  • All the information is broken down into an easy-to-understand format for your own statistical analysis.
  • This extra information lets you manage your team in true Villas-Boas style, giving you the power to select your best possible linup based on cold hard facts.
Detailed Stats
Head-to-Head Fixtures

 Head-to-Head Fixtures

  • Just like the Premier League itself, each gameweek pits your team against a new opponent making each game as important as the last.
  • A full set of fixtures are automatically generated at the start of the season to match you against your league rivals.
  • No more counting every single point each team scores, simply beat your weekly opponent and revel in 3 points gained.
  • Six-pointers, dead rubbers and crucial play-off matches.. our head-to-head format makes sure you experience all of these and more.

 Transfers & Trades

  • So you've just had an absolute 'mare on Draft Day and you've ended up with a team of Emile Heskeys. But all is not lost, each gameweek you have the chance to transfer out one of your players for an undrafted player (free agent).
  • If your team is in seriously bad shape, you can always take another transfer. But be careful, each additional transfer will cost you 3 points so you'll need to decide if its worth the risk.
  • Alternatively you can turn on your Mourinho charm and negotiate with other managers in your league for a player trade.
  • This is your chance to be creative, imaginative and down right sneaky. Just make sure it is all legit - the Commissioner will be keeping an eye on you!
Transfers & Trades
The Commish

 League Commissioner

  • We've all got a friend who is far too organised and ever so slightly bossy. If you're currently making an itemised list of why it's not you, then this person is most definitely you!
  • But don't worry, this makes you ideal for the role as League Commisioner.
  • Each league will have just one Commissioner and they will be responsible for approving all transfer activity, settling any disputes and enforcing the rules.
  • However if a situation becomes just a bit too complicated or you just want some reassurance, you can always call on TheDraft Commissioner.

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If you're bored of the same old Fantasy League format and fancy a new challenge then Unique 11 is for you! But be warned, it is not easy. It requires good strategic thinking, an eye for spotting unknown talent and a bit of luck.

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