Unique 11 Landing Image

What's it all about?

   Unique Teams

Bored of the same old Fantasy Football format? Or are you just tired of other teams copying your winning formula?

Then you'll love Unique 11 because no two teams can ever have the same player!

  Head to Head Fixtures

Unlike most fantasy football games you do not play by yourself in a cumulative points league. Instead each week you will be pitted against a different team from your league to battle it out to see who comes away with the full 3 points.

  Advanced Scoring System

Drafting unique teams means you quickly run out of star strikers. Thankfully our scoring system rewards every player on the pitch. We go far beyond goals and assists so feel free to draft that CDM you always wanted.

  Draft Day

It all starts here. Perhaps the most important aspect as this is where you'll select your totally unique team. This is where tactics, planning and a bit of luck will come into play.